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Is this guy really the next Larry Bird…? January 11, 2006

Posted by J in Sports stuff.

HERE is a great article by Chuck Klosterman over on ESPN.com’s Page 2…

He discusses whether Adam Morrison is the next Larry Bird.

Yes he is a great shooter…
Yes he is tall…
Yes he is white…
Yes he comes from a “2nd-Tier” school…
Yes he has a sweeet mustache…
No he is not the next Larry Bird.

There will never be another Larry Bird I don’t think. Why does there have to be another Larry Bird anyway?

At least I have yet to hear the grumblings of the next Jordan… Which I don’t believe there will be anyway.

People said it was going to be Kobe… Pretty sure it is clear that he will never be the next Jordan.
Now people still say it about Lebron… Well I think it’s clear that the sky is the limit for him at this stage in his career so soon people will be wondering who is the next Lebron…

It’s fine to make comparisons to players past, but it is also good to recognize player who make an impact and change the game somehow in their own way… which is what someone like Lebron is doing right now and that Adam Morrison might do in the near future…



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