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I just had a “Starbicle”… January 20, 2006

Posted by J in Randomness.

Yes a Starbucks-Miracle…!

I was walking back to the truck with my (a grande cinnamon latte, no whip) and my bosses order (venti black iced tea, unsweetened)… as I went to get into the truck the carrying tray bumped into something and the iced tea flew out and I thought all was lost!

I was imagining having to walk back into the Starbucks and ask for napkins and a new iced tea… Having to clean out my truck… and so on…

Well… The iced tea landed lid side down right on the armrest and DIDN’T BREAK OPEN!!!

I was staring there stunned at this “Starbicle” (as I have dubbed it…) when i realized it was still leaking a little bit throught the straw hole…
I flipped it back over and placed it back in the tray.

It was amazing… but then I guess anything can be considered amazing on a slow friday at work…



1. GOG - January 21, 2006

cool Starbicle! What’s the “truck”?

I’ve got to admit that I cannot understand the fascination with all these strange coffees.

“Um, yeah, I’ll have an ultra skinny extra grande cinnamon latte cappucino espresso, no whip, extra cream, oh and hold the coffee please!”

I don’t even drink coffee! Tea. Ordinary plain tea. Earl Grey if I’m feeling special but otherwise ordinary tea. Guess what you can’t get at Starbucks. Uhuh, decent tea. 😦

2. GOG - January 21, 2006

Oh god, that sounds so much like a rant! Sorry J!

3. paradox - January 21, 2006

I’ve never been to starbucks.. oh well. I like chocolate milk. And tea, tea is good. With a lemon. 😀 BTW if you like Penny Arcade, you should check out Ctrl Alt Del, it’s great.

4. Cornell Finch - January 22, 2006

Paradox – C-A-D is the best comic on the web! 🙂

5. Tania - January 22, 2006

Hi, Jeff (and Frank)–I stumbled here from The Sour Patch and your link to your dachsie. He’s adorable — I love his dappled coat! Here is a picture of my Milo: http://candiedquince.ca/about/the-sausage/.

6. J - January 23, 2006

GOG: The “truck” is my Ford Ranger pickup truck… no worries about the rant, isn’t that what blogs are for anyway? I know the Starbucks ordering process is quite ridiculous, but my girlfriend has gotten me hooked…

Paradox: I have been over to Ctrl-Alt-Del… but I already visit to many places as it is and I would never get any work done…

Tania: Milo is quite a cuite… Frank’s “official” coloring is called Brindle-Piebald, and this week he decided it would be fun to puke in the “truck”…

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