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Simpsons Daily Trivia for: Wednesday February 1st 2006 February 1, 2006

Posted by J in Pop Culture-ess-ness, Simpsons Trivia.

From “THE LASTEST GUN IN THE WEST” (DABF07), fill in the blank on Bart’s chalkboard:

A. Millhouse cry
B. Fart noises
C. Spitballs
D. Spaz faces

The answer to yesterdays question is (B) Stuff kept coming up, mostly car related

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1. paradox - February 1, 2006

No idea actially

I think they are called Technorati Tags (as opposed to technoratic)

good stuff

2. J - February 1, 2006


thanks for the heads up on that one…

The answer to this one is pretty funny…

Here’s a hint, the answer is A…

Since not many people are answering the question I figure I can throw that out there… I will keep posting them though…

3. peteremcc - February 2, 2006

heh i thought it was c, then i read your comment 😀

4. paradox - February 2, 2006

Ohh yeah, I remember that now!

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