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Simpsons Daily Trivia for: Friday February 3rd 2006 February 3, 2006

Posted by J in Pop Culture-ess-ness, Simpsons Trivia.

In “JAWS WIRED SHUT” (DABF05), the movie the Simpsons see is rated PG-13 because it may contain what?

A. Brief rudeness
B. Adult explosions
C. Scenes with Garry Shandling
D. All of the above

The answer to yesterdays question is (B) He’s tired of his favorite shows being preempted every four years…

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1. Hari - February 3, 2006

Is it D?

2. paradox - February 3, 2006

I think it’s C.

3. J - February 3, 2006

I’m going to give the answer early today so that I can post the weekend question… snazzy use of the “i” tag huh?

See the new question for the answer…

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