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It sucks that the world is going to end over a cartoon… February 7, 2006

Posted by J in Randomness.

because I like living and I love cartoons…

I don’t have the mental capacity to get so upset over something, that hurts no one physically, that they would want to kill
It’s just not in me.

I have taken a look at the cartoons (as I am sure most of you have too…) and I can see that they are offensive to the Islamic faith as a whole, but they seem to paint a fairly accurate one of the ones that seek to wipe-out those that don’t follow their view.

To me (a nobody-special from California…), those people (The Islamics who are jihadists) are I-N-S-A-N-E… absolutely bird-shit crazy… They are in the same vein as the crazy religious nuts that you get to hear about here in the US, though maybe slightly crazier… You know that some insane mom from the bible belt isn’t going to strap on a bomb and head down to a gay club… at least not yet, they do say some pretty wild shit…

Either way, it sucks that because of a couple of Danish cartoonists wanted to poke fun at the wrong insane group of people, I probably won’t get to see how Lost will actually end… because we will all be dead. And if that does indeed happen, I will cut my way to the front of the line and personally make sure there are no virgins left for ANYBODY… well maybe for some friends and family, but thats it…

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1. Toni - February 9, 2006

I know it seems really bad right now, but in time these nutballs will exhaust themselves and move on to the next thing they hate about the west. Already they’ve moved on to blaming the US for the cartoons. Seriously insane in the membrane people, these extremists.

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